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[Dean + Sam] family business
Title: Phantom Pain
Pairing: Gen, Tyler/Jack
Rating: High R
Word Count: 2,666
Warnings: Rape. Violence.

Phineas Gage, he’s the backbone of corporate America.Collapse )
[Castiel] if it keeps on raining
I have this elaborate personal canon about what went on between Cas and Anna.

This is where I try to explain in 923 words.

title: oh, praying won't do you no good
pairing: Castiel/Anna
rating: pg-13 for violence
summary: A short history of Castiel's relationship with Anna.

In the beginning, Anael took him under her wing by choice.Collapse )
[Castiel] if it keeps on raining
i have this ten-page paper due tomorrow that's 55% of my grade. instead of starting that, i decided to write weird introspective fic set in s4 in the point of view of a character everyone hates, because that's obviously more important.

notes: i'm sick and i just really don't feel like capital letters right now. also, yeah, this was inspired by that house episode. pairing: dean/castiel, mentions of anna/castiel and dean/anna. pg-13 for a little violence.

the secret about angels is that they're human. some angels don't realize this.Collapse )
[Dean + Sam] family business
title: the end is the beginning is bullshit
pairing: gen
rating: PG
notes: post book/movie. reposted from my old fic journal.

Heaven isn’t anything like you expect.Collapse )
[Dean + Sam] family business
I completely forgot to repost this fic because it's really old. (I'm going to go back through my old journal and look for anything else I forgot to post here, so sorry in advance if I spam you.)

Title: we are eagles of one nest
Pairing: Sam/Dean, Sam/Jess.
Rating: PG
Notes: Set during the pilot. No spoilers.

That first day they set out after Dad, Sam’s balancing his textbook on his knees and trying to read as the Impala bumps down the rough Jericho roads.Collapse )
[Dean/Cas] making it up as we go
Last night, I dreamt that I was kidnapped by the founders of this college that I was accepted to but that I'm not going to attend (obviously, this is srs bsns). So they decided that instead of torturing me, they were just going to give Castiel sex pollen and lock him up in a cell. Of course, I woke up before I could see Cas' sex pollen adventures, but I'm really amused that sex pollen was in my dream. It was in this big burlap bag labeled "sex pollen" and everything.

Now I have to call the college back and tell them I'm not attending... please don't sex pollinate me! ;_;
[Castiel] if it keeps on raining
Title: lead me not into temptation.
Pairing: Castiel/Dean
Rating: Low NC-17.
Word count: 532
note: repost from my old fic journal. originally posted 06/19/09.

In retrospect, Castiel should have known. Jimmy was a good man, a moral man, a religious man–but in the end, Jimmy was just a man.Collapse )
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